Our Designers


Alexander Pike
Bow Duangruethai
Chirawan Lewis
Eugenia Negruta
Guiseppe Fata
Jindrath Srikham
Le Tran Dac Ngoc
Mullika Upatham
Ottensen Idris
Pimjutha Purvis
Stefan Djokovic
Stelian Mosor
Stephane Korvin
Sudjith Sudjith
Sushma Nair
Our Designers


Ms.Mona Al Mansouri
Mr. Ivan Donev
Mr. Digvijay Singh
Ms. Asmita Marwa
Ms. Honee Persona
The biggest, stunning, and innovative fashion runway experience in the world of fashion. It also brings the race, color and humanity together at VFW by saying “We don’t stand for Discrimination”.
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