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About VFW

Vie Fashion Week (VFW) is founded and presented by Akhil & Aiswarya, Fashion Designers from the renowned Fashion House, A Square London. VFW is a stunning platform for established and emerging Designers/Brands to showcase, exhibit, and trade their amazing creativity in Dubai. We create one of the biggest and the most stunning Fashion Runways ever in Dubai to showcase the incredible creative collections of designers/brands from across the globe.

VFW brings together renowned international designers, fashion brands, production houses, manufacturers, distributors, and buyers on one platform. Furthermore, VFW supports upcoming and emerging designers/brands to showcase, exhibit, and launch their brands in the fashion world.

The premium guest list includes Designers, Models, Beauty Pageants, Celebrities, Society Figures, Business People, HNI’s, and Royal Family Members from various countries. We create new opportunities, trade, investments, and new business networks in the fashion and lifestyle industry through Vie Fashion Week – Dubai 2021.

With Global Designers at VFW, the fashion world can experience the fusion of Indigenous cultures, international fashion trends, and the latest trends all on one platform. VFW also brings people of all races, colors, and ethnicities together by saying “We don’t stand for discrimination”.

Founders and Creators


Akhil & Aiswarya, launched their fashion organization, “A Square London” during their fashion studies in London in 2013. They have done numerous fashion projects in London, UAE, and in India. They are the first Indian fashion duo to do an Ancient Mural painting fashion show in London. In 2016, they did a fashion reality show for a national television broadcaster in India

A Square London – launched the first edition of “Vie Fashion Week” in India with a star studded line up of International Designers, Models, Celebrities, International Beauty Pageants and Media from around the globe in association with the Kerala Tourism Department Corporation, India.

Akhil and Aiswarya

Through VFW, the designer duo want to bring the world of fashion on to a single platform.

Sponsors & Associations

People who trust us

The biggest, stunning, and innovative fashion runway experience in the world of fashion. It also brings the race, color and humanity together at VFW by saying “We don’t stand for Discrimination”.
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