Miss. Mona Al Mansouri
First Emirates Fashion Designer
Best Fashion Designer in Asia 2014
Goodwill & Women’s Support Ambassador
Mr. Ivan Donev
Fashion oscar winner 2018
Golden needle award winner 2018
Milan Fashion Week
Rome Fashion Week
Istanbul Fashion Week
CertiLuxe Award winner Milan
World of Fashion Award winner
Mr. Digvijay Singh
Lakme Fashion Week
Royal Designer to Bollywood
Most promising Designer by Vogue India
Miss. Asmita Marwa
Lakme Fashion Week
One of the top 8 Designers in India
Miss. Honee Persona
Madeira fashion weekend 2018
New York Fashion Week 2017
London Fashion Week 2017

Her collections covered by almost all top fashion Magazines in the world
Akhil & Aiswarya
First couple to do an Ancient Mural Painting on Western collections in London.
Fashion Reality show judges
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